$249,933.96 donated to date.

With nearly a quarter million dollars donated within 3 months of coming to life we have had more in-real-life impact than 99.9% of NFT projects and this is just the beginning of what we are here to do.

Pick up a Belugie today to learn more about our mission and passively assist us in providing support for children, animals, and ecosystems around the world.

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How does this work?

After you choose a Belugie and process your order you will immediately receive an email with instructions on how to setup your wallet and take ownership!

It's so simple and only takes about 3 steps!

Adopt Belugies & help change the world.

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What are Belugies?

Belugies are the oh-so cutest collection of hand-illustrated, algorithmically generated NFTs available on Solana. This October 2021 edition of Belugies will contain 8,000 randomly assembled Belugies with the most character of all the fish in the sea. I mean… do you know about beluga whales? They are so cute and silly.

Every single Belugie minted on the blockchain has a unique combination of features and are ALL 1-for-1. That means if you want to join our club and you obtain a Belugie it will be just as special and rare as you are ;)

These Belugies were created with love for our animal friends by 14 year old Abigail also known as @PeachSunday on her Youtube channel! We would LOVE to have you in our club so pop on over to our discord “The Belugies Clubhouse” to talk all things art, NFTs, BELUGA WHALES, charity, the future of Belugies, and share in our passion for animals and creativity!

Also, please visit the #Introduce-yourself channel there to give yourself a shout out and let us all know where you swim from!

We are very excited to meet you!

What happens after I purchase a Belugie on this site?

Shortly after you make an order you will receive an email with instructions on how to setup a wallet and receive your Belugie.

What can I do with my Belugie?

It’s yours. You own it outright and are free to use it however you like under a non-exclusive license.

Who is the team behind Belugies?

Including Abigail aka PeachSunday, we are a team of 3 other members (plus 2 developers) who are also her family & friend unit sometimes known as Pods in the whale world. Our skills include design, web development, business strategy, community outreach, and leadership. We are also expanding the Belugies Team and looking to bring on more members at this time. If you have something you think you could bring to the table send an email to hello@belugies.com.

Why should you get a Belugie?

Well not just because it’s an NFT and because it’s a BELUGA WHALE but when you purchase a Belugie you will be contributing to a 14 year olds creativity AND will be engaging in activism as we have already donated $242,064.69 to charity and will further be donating a portion of our secondary sales to nonprofits, including our own recently incorporated nonprofit as well.

Being in the Belugie family is more than just owning an art token-- it’s about community, being inclusive, being fair, and doing good for the world. We’d love to have you so make sure to pop on over to our discord the Belugies Clubhouse for a warm welcome.

There’s a lot to look forward to when you become a Belugie owner and join our pod. NFTs are an exciting and new technology and Belugies and Belugies Team is here for the long-haul so if you have any questions make sure to stop by and ask them!

See you at the Clubhouse

How can I learn more about Belugies and what they are doing?

You can Learn more about what we are doing by following us on our socials and stopping by our Discord “The Belugies Clubhouse” to ask questions, vibe, and get involved with our community and what we are doing.

Belugies have a bright future ahead of us. we are here for a long time and here for a good time. Don’t be shy. Pop on by and say hello!

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